onwa / Stylish Japanese Vegan lunch

I’m not a kind of person who cares about food.
I didn’t know about the “Vegan” till I found the word printed on the label of  THE BODY SHOP bath soap.
This report is about my first Vegan meal experience!

Japanese Vegan Cafe “onwa” is just about 8 minutes from JR Nara Station.

Onwa is small, unique and cozy space.
They renovated their shop by themselves.

This is the shelf at the entrance.
There are kawaii bottled tea on it.

Onwa is related to Nara’s tea shop “TE AND CHA”, which is selling variety of organic tea made in Nara.
You can taste all kinds of TE AND CHA’s tea here.

They are holding many interesting events, too.
If you’re interested, check  onwa’ facebook page!

Onwa’s owner Mr.Suetake and Ms.Nakajima of  TE AND CHA.
Very nice couple!

They have only 6 seats.

What is this equipment on the wall?
BGM is pretty BIG and COOL.

I ordered “Vegan Plate”.
Colorful vegetable plate and tempura and onigiri (rice ball).

I met super pretty guests from Australia.
They are vegan!

Many of onwa’s guests are from abroad.
One of the reason is this site : Happy Cow.com
You can find vegan restaurant wherever you are,  just inputting the city name at search bar!
Onwa gets high acclaim on this site!

Get back to the meal.

There are beautiful side dish on big plate.
So fresh and delicious!

I  was surprised that taste were very different each other.

Tempura is also very fresh, seasoned with matcha flavor salt.

Onigiri (rice ball)… Japanese soul food.
Very simple but difficult to make really good one like these…

Girls were enjoying dessert.
These are vegan parfait! Looks so delicious…!

I was impressed by not only meals but also these girls from Australia.

How did they decide to be vegan?
Such young, free, nice and super pretty girls…


Japanese vegan cafe onwa
3-23 Sanjo-omiya-cho, Nara city
11:30-20:00 (week day) -21:00 (Sat & Sun)
Closed on Mon & Tue
instagram https://www.instagram.com/onwa_cafe/