minamo / Daily but extraordinary set meal of soup and rice

When I started this lunch blog, I planned to write about  “minamo” for the fist article. But when I arrived at the shop, I found many people was standing outside, waiting for the seats became available. Yes, this is very famous and popular spot in Nara…

Half year has passed.
Now I will write about minamo at last!

It’s about 10 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Nara station.
Here is the cafe minamo, looks so comfortable and relaxing. I heard that this place used to be a rice shop long time ago.


Coffee cup is  floating on the water.
“minamo” means “water surface”.


You can choose set meal or curry for lunch.

I strongly recommend minamo’s set meal. The menu is changed every 3 days or so.

Today’s set meal:

Fried shrimp with homemade tomato souce
Potage of butternuts pumpkin
Marinated mushroom and Japanese ginger
Rice ball

Minamo’s set meal always have “SOUP” and “RICE”.
If you find rice ball, you’re very lucky  indeed.

YES! I was so lucky on this day!!


Minamo’s soup is very gentle.


I guess every Japanese loves rice ball, including me.
It always makes our feeling happy. Why is that?


Fried shrimp and vegetables. So crispy!! Maybe crunchy??
I can never cook that yum fried meal.


The best supporting role. Even side dish are so delicious.
I always eat minamo’s lunch thinking how to cook them.

It gives me an illusion that I can cook them at home…maybe that’s because minamo’s dishes are very daily.
But at the same time, it’s really EXTRAORDINARY!

Very bright and comfortable place.


Why don’t you experience a cup of happiness at minamo?


28 Higashi-kido-cho, Nara-city
0742 27 7166
Closed on Tuesday