MIA’S BREAD / Sandwich lunch at one of the most popular bread shop in Nara!

I’m working as a freelance here in Nara.
I’m enjoying living in such a small and peaceful town, but some times I feel getting stuck on job or my life, then I often go to MIA’S BREAD for lunch instead of traveling or visiting faraway.

MIA’S BREAD is very famous, popular shop in Nara.

It is located in the middle of Nara-machi.

You’ll find its facade is very antique, but it had just moved from other place and reopened on 2017.
I always enjoy not only the meals but also its moody & unique space design.


They sell some vintage interiors.

You can order at the counter on 1st floor, then go upstairs.
(1st floor is bread shop, you can buy breads, bagels, cookies and so on.)

This is cafe space on 2nd floor.


While waiting for lunch coming,  I always enjoy watching the interiors…


Searching for favorite books or goods…

But most of all, reading monthly free paper of this shop!

Handwriting attracts me so much. This is written by the owner, MIA-san.


She is a kind of famous person around Nara, as a person who achieved big success. But this letter (If I can say so) always makes me feel a sense of familiarity. That maybe because she writes these words with her mind. In our lives there are good times and bad times… I take these kinds of messages from this free paper.


Lunch is ready now!
My choice is sandwich with bacon and avocado.


Look at the plenty of vegetables! So fresh and juicy.


The drink is “Maccha & milk”, the ice is also made from maccha milk!


The water is self-service.

I’ll show you some other photos.

Some of the interiors are for sale.

They sell vintage dishes, too.


There is a roof-top cafe space!
This cafe opens from 8:00 in the morning. So why don’t you have a such good morning time here?


I got “MIA’S BREAD Sable” for kids. This is one of my favorite sweets in Nara!


There is also a branch of  MIA’S BREAD, located in Tsubai-cho.
It’s also really unique design, isn’t it?!


2 Shonami-cho, Nara-city
open date refer to this site : http://miasbread.com/calendar