huerto / high quality sandwich lunch


Since I started this blog, for some reason I’m pulled to this narrow narrow alley for lunch.

Izumi / Secret oasis for middle-aged workers? Very Japanese home made lunch


On this alley, there is a poster of ”Ganesha” and Indian kitsch graphic.

Across from this unique spot,  there is new Spanish restaurant “huerto” which was opened in Dec. in 2017.
One of my friends in Tokyo visited Nara and found this shop, and told me that its lunch was very nice.

Sign board for today’s lunch. Weekly Sandwich plate. You can choose one from two choices.

Beautiful  lease. I love it.

This is not such big space, there are counter chairs on left hand. 3 tables for 3-4 people for each.
Very stylish but feeling ease as if at someone’s home. That atmosphere should be caused by owner couple. They are very friendly and kind.

Let me check lunch menu once more.
A. Sandwich of homemade bacon, asparagus from Nara, fried egg
B.Sandwich of deep fried small shrimps and saute of bamboo shoots with pepper-bud dressing

With appetizer and soup.

I choose A. for today.

By the way, the menu is written in Japanese only, but  I saw the owners tried to talked with foreign guest in English the other day. At that time, the guest was vegetarian. So they tired to understand what could he eat or not. If you’re vegee just try to ask them about the menu.)

A cup of soup came first. I was really impressed by this soup!

Today’s soup is “tomato and paprika”. Rich and healthy taste. (Healthy means … I mean good for kids, gentle, this time )

Main plate. Don’t you think it is heigh cost performance?

The bread of sandwiches are baked by owner’s wife every morning.
It looks like hard bread but it’s soft in fact.

Once I bite it, could not stop eating. Every material make good harmony.

Besides, it is “volumey” … it is Japanese English… it is very BIG and made me full and satisfied!

Appetizers are nice as well. Home made fresh cheese with tomato.

Mackerel marinated in vinegar, with cider gelee. Spanish omelette.

Why don’t you  enjoy such rich lunch casually.

27-1 Mochiidono-cho, Nara-city
11:30-14:00(LO) 17:00-21:00(LO)
close on Sun & Mon