huerto’s surprising Spanish dessert

This time is a kind of “tea break” article.

I wrote about good sandwich lunch at “huerto”. Here is a link to that article.

huerto / high quality sandwich lunch

I had dessert after lunch at that time.
Don’t miss the detail of menu board!

coffee or tea 400yen
Gateau chocolat 400yen
Strawberry crema catalana 600yen

I ordered “Strawberry crema catalana”, it is Spanish dessert which is similar to Creme brulee.

After served to our table, the owner sprinkled the sugar on it.

Wow! Surprise!

He burned the surface with Yakigote (Hot iron) .

So much smoke was rising with sweet flavor.

And the restaurant was full of smoke for a while… it made all the guest feel fun.

It looks much more delicious after burning.

Bitter surface well matched with plenty of sweet cream and strawberries!

I’m sure children will enjoy this dessert, too!


27-1 Mochiidono-cho, Nara-city
11:30-14:00(LO) 17:00-21:00(LO)
close on Sun & Mon