Talikaro / healthy & spicy shrimp curry plate

“Talikaro” is one of famous curry shop in Nara.
It’s especially famous for its SPICY taste!

By the way I’m not good at spicy food and meat in fact.
So I tried shrimp curry (not much spicy) this time.
I recommend it to people who is non meat eater.

Talikaro is located in 6-7 minutes walk from Kintetsu Nara Station.


You’ll see “Ganesha” sign there. (Ganesha, again!)


This sign says that no kids allowed, because it is too spicy for them.

Inside was very calm. People who seems to be fan of this shop, faced spicy curry in serious mood.

I studied menu well and decided to ordered “shrimp curry plate (we think it’s not much spicy)”

Indeed, it’s very difficult to understand the spicy level without tasting! (That’s why they add excuse after menu title)

I’ll try to explain about my tolerance for spicy level…
First, I can enjoy Japanese popular spicy snack  “karamucho”  and “kakinotane” without any pain.
I also love Korean food as like Kimchi or “Chige (bowl of soup)”.
When I cook curry at home, I usually use medium spicy and spicy paste mixed together.

BUT,  Talikaro’s famous chicken curry was too hot for me!! (Last time I tried)

On the table, another sign told me that we should not drink much water while eating curry. (In india, water is very valuable so they serve just one cup of water before having meal. )

…when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

I ordered a glass of milk.

They have many kinds of drinks that should soften spicy taste.


My choice was Rose Milk. Very sweet and strong flower flavor! I’ve never experienced that kind of taste before.

Let’s eat curry now!

This is shrimp curry, not much spicy for me.

It is very watery compared with North Indian curry as like “butter chicken”.
That’s feature of South Indian curry.

Mixed spicy flavor makes me feel more hungry!
It should be good to eat this in summer.


Bean curry. (most mild taste in Talikaro)

Indian pickled vegetables.

Yogurt without sugar.

Follow the south Indian way, I mixed all of them and eat together.
That made me enjoy different taste and texture!


30-3 Tsubai-cho, Nara-city
11:30~14:00, 18:00~20:30
Close on Thursday