POOL / new&cool lunch spot at Funahashi shopping street

Do you know “Funahashi shopping street” in Nara?

It is within walking distance from both of JR and Kintetsu Nara station, but not popular spot for tourist. It’s more local and deep area even for us, locals.

It is quite “retro” shopping street but there coming some new shops in recent years.
“Cafe & Restaurant POOL” is the newest face, that had opened in Dec. 2018.

“POOL”… I felt that it’s unusual to name cafe or restaurant “pool”. Why pool?

Shop design is very unique, too. I heard it’s made by the same builder who produced the shop design of MIA’S BREAD.


I love this logo, too. Yeah, it is unusual indeed. Why pool… (maybe I’ll ask next time!)

At “POOL”, you can also enjoy french dinner at night.


Let’s go into the shop.

The entrance area is built in wellhole style.

Look at the bike above!

I found the stuffed deer head, too.

In fact I always feel bit pity when I see the stuffed deer in Nara (because deer is the servant of the god here in Nara and they are walking around Nara park and even in the neighborhood!), but in this space, it matches very well.

Looking down the entrance hall from upstairs.

I guess it should be nice to have lunch here when it gets warm.
Interiors are so cool.


This is the kitchen counter.

I choose the seat on 2nd floor this time. (I’d like to take pictures of 1st floor next time)

2nd floor is like “cloister”. (I don’t know whether it’s proper word in this case.)


It’s like “ruins” in spite of just opened last month!
(I don’t know whether it’s proper word or not, but ruins are very popular among some people in Japan and maybe in other countries, too. And I am the one who loves ruins in fact.)


Let’s check the menu. They write menu in English as well.

I  decided “Egg and cheese sandwich”.  And my friend chose “Salad lunch”.


There came salad, french fries, and mini soup for sandwich set.

I was impressed by this salad!  Very beautiful and delicious.


This is the soup for salad lunch, cabbage and anchovy. Very rich and tasty.

Egg and cheese sandwich.

This metallic pick hit my heart. I’ve never seen such fashionable pick like that.

I enjoyed fluffy egg and the accent of mustard. This is the sandwich for adults, I think.


Salad lunch looks yummy, too… I wanna try this next time.

Every dish is so good and photogenic, I enjoyed special unique lunch time.


Cafe&Restaurant POOL
7 Funahashi-cho, Nara-city
Closed on Tue & Second Wed
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cafeandrestaurant_pool/


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