mamesuzu & chichiro / Unique lunch with Udon and natural sweets

I’m going to write about unique cafe,  that is one of my most favorite.
The shop is “Mamesuzu-Chichiro”, located near Nara women’s university or NHK Nara.

Mamesuzu serves  homemade sweets and Chichiro serves “Udon (Japanese wheat noodle)”.
They run the shop together in classical Japanese style house.

She is Ms. Akiko Notoyama, the owner of Mamesuzu.

And he is Mr.Shigeki Uda, the owner of Chichiro.

You will find beautiful “noren (shop curtain)” there.  The color is changed in each seasons.

They open at 12:00 noon.
There are cats and gold fish here.

You’ll see adorable sweets of Mamesuzu at the entrance.

Tarts, cakes, cookies…

Some of them are natural sweets as like gluten-free.
Some are rich taste sweets made with butter and egg.

You can choice the best one you and your body might love.

Illustrations and graphics of Mamesuzu are also sweet!

This is cake with banana.

Natural pie with red beans, one of most popular lineups.

This time I ordered “Udon (noodle)” first. I’ll order sweets later for dessert.

There are 5 tables on tatami floor.
One is “horigotatsu” style, which has hole under the table to put your feet in.

BGM is classical music by analogue records. It always makes me feel relax.

Interior is very unique and fun!
In depends on the situation,  choice your favorite place.

On the very back seat, you’ll see the water tanks.

They give you gold fish for free!
Just ask them if you like to have.

If you’re lucky, you can say hello to Ms.Hanako, too!

After a few minutes, Mr. Shigeki brought a bowl of noodle to my table!

This is “A-sa udon“. 700yen.
A-sa” meanssea lettuce”.

This is the only one menu of Chichiro.

Mr. Shigeki found delicious “A-sa (sea lettuce)” in Okinawa when he was traveling 12 years ago.
He devoted himself to pick “A-sa” for whole 3 days.
Afterward he brought them back to his shop and started to server with noodle.
Since then, he’s been making it here in Nara.


A-sa” is very soft and melt in my mouth.
Its flavor reminds me of  the sea (By the way Nara is not facing to sea).
Soup is very simple as well.

After having noodle, I ordered dessert of Mamesuzu.
My choice is tart with grape fruit from Kumamoto pref.

It’s very rare to find Japanese made grape fruit, isn’t it?
It’s so delicious!

By the way, these are my personal memories of mamesuzu visiting.
I tend to like chocolate cakes and muffins.


Mr.Shigeki came to my table again to talk 🙂

You can enjoy talking with him if you and he has time.

He is also a professional editor.
You can read or buy some books of him at the shop.

The local magazine “Burari Naramachi” was also published by him, while he was woking at the company.
It introduces deep history and culture of Naramachi area.

“I could only publish 9 magazines, and I gave up.” He laughed.

Surprisingly, he also gathered advertisement by himself.
I’m very impressed by his story.

Mamesuzu-Chichiro is always full of unique and pure energy,
even though the atmosphere and taste is gentle and so relaxing.


〒630-8282 18-2 Minami-handa-nishi-machi, Nara-city
Closed on Monday & Tuesday