Izumi / Secret oasis for middle-aged workers? Very Japanese home made lunch

This lunch blog starts with “Izumi”, Japanese style bar restaurant located in 5 minutes walk from Kintetsu Nara station.
Izumi is famous for night spot among  local people. Actually I’ve never known it also opens daytime.

To Izumi, first go along “Mochiidono street” and  find very very narrow alley leading to Ganrinin(元林院).

So narrow!!

You will see Ganesha on the way. The restaurant “Izumi” is on the end of this alley.

The red paper lantern will let you know that you have arrived there!

Today’s lunch menu is…

Simmered rock fish
Stir-fried pork and Bitter Gourd
Boiled spinach
Miso soup


You can enjoy very Japanese home made lunch here. It is not feast but … heart warming taste.
Besides, the atmosphere of this restaurant is very calm and nice.

I saw one middle-aged working gentleman was having lunch. He seemed to be a regular guest of this shop to me.
Maybe he never asked his colleagues to come here for lunch with him. Of course it’s only my imagination…

At night, you can also enjoy nibbles and drinks here (that’ll be more attractive way to enjoy this shop).
Old couple run this restaurant by theirselves. They keep their shop very clean and tidy even though it is old.

When I finished lunch and got outside, I saw another middle-aged gentleman went in to Izumi. Again, he was also by himself as if it’s natural.

I could not ask them if they can speak English , so maybe next time I’ll research about “Izumi” more.
There are other menu that I want to try next time.

10, Ganrinin-cho, Nara-city
11:30-22:00 (maybe there is breaking time, I’ll check and update information.)