Hatenomidori / Cafe attached to retro station

“Hate no midori” is new cafe which has just opened in Feb 2019, attached to JR Kyobate station.

“Kyobate 京終 ” means “the end of the capital” in Japanese.
Actually this area is located at the end of Heijo-kyo (the oldest capital of Japan, established in 710.)
It’s bit far from Nara park or Nara-machi area, so you should take train or bus for visiting this place.
(It is just next station from JR Nara station.)

In MY impression, Kyobate station used be very local, minor, quiet, deserted‐looking station… But now it’s reborn!!


Whole building has renovated. Even this old style post is painted with vivid vermilion color.


Waiting room is also bright and cozy.


The retro style sign of “Kyobate” station.


The right half of the station building is reborn as new cafe “Hate no midori”.

“Hate” = end
“midori” = green

It’s unusual words for Japanese, but sounds good.


There are many greens around the shop. It makes me feel relax.


You can see the platforms closely through the big window!


There was a white piano. Sometimes they’re holding music events here.


Let’s take a look at menu.

In addition to general menu as like coffee or juice, they also serve green tea and roasted green tea with reasonable price (¥350).

And I also feel happy to find “kid’s drink – ¥200”!


We ordered coffee and hot ginger.

Hot ginger is more spicy than I expected! But it was so tasty.


Toast set – ¥850. (I chose “cheese toast”)


This size is good for tea time maybe, rather than lunch.
But it tasted good, too!


I was surprised by train suddenly came into the platform! This is very unique experience at cafe.


I guess some seats are also good for nomad workers.


You can also take coffee away.


If you have enough time in Nara and bit tired of watching temples or shrines, why don’t you come and enjoy such unique station time?

Hate no midori
211 Minami Kyobate-cho, Nara-city
Closed on Wednesday